I’m tempted to start watching Doctor Who but from what i”ve seen on tumblr is that its mostly pain and feels

Doctor Who is about 50% this…


And 50% this…


It’s totally worth it though.  Come, join us!


I watched The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End again last night. I always say that’s my favorite season finale because of everyone coming back, but it’s also the most painful because of Donna. Every time I watch that last scene with her, I find a new reason to be sad about it. Like this time: the Doctor tries to say goodbye to her one last time and she just is like “yeah see ya” and continues her phone call. Everything they’ve been through together, all they did, and it ends with “yeah see ya.” If that doesn’t just break your heart, I don’t even know. In my opinion, what happens to Donna is the saddest of all the companions.

Fair warning:


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